God Can Do All Things, I Can’t

God can do all things.

Mark 10:27

God can be everywhere at one time.  God can hear and respond to every request that comes His way.  God can meet every need, of everyone.

But, does this sound similar to what you are attempting to pull off?  I know it is how I feel at times.  As my to-do list at work gets longer, while simultaneously my email accounts -voicemail -and text messaging fill up, and my house is in need of maintenance;

Might I need to pull back and remind myself of a most basic yet profound reality:

God is God and I am not.

In leau of William Wilberforce, author William Hague’s words prove that this is not a discipline reserved only for our technology swollen culture.  Straight from the 18th century:

Wilberforce’s failure to keep up with the mass of correspondence, which came through his door even more rapidly than his visitors, was chronic.”

“..the result of being so busy was, in his own words, that ‘Both my body and mind suffer from over-occupation.”

“Yet, in common with most other public figures who are drained by the almost irreconcilable demands made of them, Wilberforce drew great strength from his private moments and passions.””

 Sounds like some wisdom from the 18th century for those of us here in the 21st .

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