Society Shapers

So I’ve been thinking (which could be scary), and it seems to me that the basic “God-implemented”  units of society are: the Family, the Church, and Government.

They were all His idea and where any of them are lacking a healthy existence – a society suffers.   What I have come up with is that within each unit there lies:

(1) A purpose of enrichment/provision

(Family – for the individual, Church – for the spirit of all, Government – for the justice/order/peace of society as a whole)

(2) An authority structure to be followed/respected

(3) An integral power and responsibility to shape/steer human life and well being.

Am I off base?  Or do you have any research of your own that can help me build and solidify these thoughts?

How is our society faring with these building blocks?

The Family – is the family unit providing healthy home environments for individuals to grow and develop in every way?

The Church – is the Church healthy and fulfilling its purpose of introducing all people to the inner renewal only available through Jesus and helping them to grow and develop in this?

Government – is our Government healthy and using the best means possible to provide a just, orderly, peaceful environment for its citizens?

Let me know your thoughts on this as well.

One comment

  1. Nick, thank you for your post it seems to be asking questions that need to be asked. Sadly I find that the majority of the questions you asked would have a less than positive answer.

    The one that concerns me the most, which I would say is always going to be indicative of the true nature of the other two is the family unit. Without a strong famly unit I believe it is impossible to have a good government or church structure.

    The next question we must arrive at is what makes up a proper, God intended, family structure? Is it two parents and kids? With the prevelance of divorce in our society is it possible to have a fully functioning and strong family unit in these situations? I would say yes, but it would be much more difficult. Here’s how . . . the Bible talks about God being the father to the fatherless. In order for the untraditional, or in our case “new traditional” family unit to work God has to be the head for both single patriarchal and matriarchal lead families.


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