Stand By Me

My mornings are filled with teaching tenth graders in a course called New Testament Survey.  Our conversations this week surrounded the Apostle Paul’s calling to the work of reconciliation.

The American Heritage College Dictionary definition of reconciliation is: the act of reestablishing a close relationship between.

My students and I reflected on this version of Stand By Me, a song that seems to communicate just how essential close relationships are for all people.  This version of the song was created by producer and sound engineer Mark Johnson, as part of his Playing for Change project.  Johnson and his team, traveled around the world to places such as New Orleans, Barcelona, South Africa, India, Nepal, the Middle East and Ireland, and, using a mobile recording studio, had local musicians perform the same song, interpreted into their own style.  The idea for this project arose from a common belief that music is a tool that can break down boundaries and overcome distances between people.

Check this video out.  I think you will enjoy it, and I hope it can help motivate you to reestablish a close relationship with anyone that you need to.

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