FAMILY: Nathan’s Birthday Video

Wednesday, August 11th is the birthday of our oldest son, Nathan.  Nathan’s name comes from a Hebrew word that means ‘Gift from God’.  We will be sure to keep this from going to his head during the young adult years (haha), but his life certainly has been an incredible gift to us.

I decided when Nathan was born in 2007 to start a family tradition of producing a high-quality short video for each of our children’s birthdays from 1-18 years old.  This particular video chronicles Nathan’s journey from 2 – 3 years old.  This past year we have certainly seen him become ‘All Boy’ and he has hit numerous milestones including: getting his own bedroom & big boy bed, becoming a big brother, becoming potty trained, and learning his ABC’s – just to name a few.

Enjoy.  We certainly have!


    • I wish. But – we were in Cleveland, where true 15-20″ snow sledding takes place on a regular basis. I will hold off on Big Run or Hilltop sledding, until I can sell it as a ‘back when we were younger’ folk tale.

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