FAMILY: Nathan’s 4 YR Birthday Video

This is my first blog post after a long hiatus.  Over the summer I started a new job as high school principal at the school I was previously teaching at, Grove City Christian School.  As I have been extremely busy building our team at the school, I have also been busy trying to love my family like crazy as well.  Our oldest son Nathan recently had his fourth birthday, and as is our tradition, here is his latest Birthday Video.


  1. Thanks for posting this video. Such great memories 🙂 Spending time with Nathan and Shane really made a difference to my “spiritual” trip 🙂 As parents, Sheila and you are doing an amazing job and touch more than the life of your children.
    Hope all is well at work for you.
    Give all my love to your little family.Take care.
    ps: could you email me the website adress I asked you when I was here? Thanks a lot.

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