Identity Book Project: Table of Contents

I am venturing out to author some book ideas that I have, via my blog.  The concept is called Writing a Book One Blog-Post at a Time.  To read more about the concept click here.  One of the main strengths to this approach is the feedback that I can get from you along the way.  So as I venture out into this, please read the posts and leave me some comments so that I can fine-tune my concepts along the way.

The first project will be a book on identity that I want to title IDENTITY: Who Are You Man?  You can read an initial summary of the book concept here.  Below is the table of contents that I will be using to guide me as I research, write, and post material to this blog.  As I work through this project one blog-post at a time, please give me your feedback via comments.



Who Are You?

Discovering Your True Identity

Chapter 1: You’re a FORGIVEN MAN

Chapter 2: You’re a DIFFERENT KIND OF MAN

Chapter 3: You’re a CALLED MAN

Chapter 4: You’re a SECURE MAN

Chapter 5: You’re GOD’S SON


General Index

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