Gospel Re:MIX







This post series I am calling: Gospel Remix. Though the Bible communicates that the core doctrines of the faith are enduring and unchanging, culture certainly is not. Musical expression, language, style, and art are continually changing with the times.

These realities are the inspiration for this series. Providing the timeless message of Jesus, communicated in culturally relevant ways. My hope in this series is to share Music in particular, that is true to the authentic Gospel and true to 21st century musical excellence and style. If you are a fan of good music and interested finding out more about the Gospel message through music, check this series out.


Gospel Remix #1 – Doxology – 4/17/2011

Gospel Remix #2 – Beautiful Exchange – 4/20/2011

Gospel Remix #3 – Tell the World – 12/26/2015


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