IDENTITY by Nick Cook

I am venturing out to author some book ideas that I have via my blog.  The concept is called Writing a Book One Blog-Post at a Time.  To read more about the concept click here.  One of the main strengths to this approach is the feedback that I can get from you along the way.  Please read the posts and leave me some comments, so that I can fine-tune my concepts along the way.

Current Project

IDENTITY: Who Are You Man?

Summary:  Every human being struggles at some point with their identity.  Who am I?  How do I want others to view me?  What do I enjoy?  Why am I here?  While popular culture tells men to build a certain identity, God’s word tells them that who they are is something to be discovered.  In this book, my hope is to help men discover what the Bible has to say about who God has created them to be and how this pursuit will free them up to live a life of peace, purpose, and satisfying joy.

Post #1 – Table of Contents – 3/17/2012

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